I have created this site to help current library school students and recent graduates to find jobs online. The economy has made it particular tough, but do not give up!

There are a few different type of libraries a person can chose to work in. There are academic, government, public, and special libraries. These libraries have different departments within them such as: archives, special collections, public services, technical services, reference, preservation, digital and electronic resourses, and the list goes on!

It can be difficult to select what type of library you want to work in. Recent graduates should not let this worry them. If you have not already been working in a library, and have no intentions of working toward a promotion do not be worried. If you graduate and are unsure about what kind of library you wan tto work in do not worry.

The skills obtained in one library are transferable to another library. The stigma that you must start and stick to working in one type of library is gone. Librarians work in public libraries and switch to academic, and vice versa. 

It is most important that as librarians we have the skills to provide great service and access to our users.

My intentions with creating this site is to give my friends, peers, classmates, and colleagues a place where they can find information about every type of library position available. It will take me some time to build this site to its full potential, but hopeful you will be patient.


Reina Williams